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About Jessica Pressler

Jessica Pressler is an American journalist known for covering topics such as wealth, fraud, and the interconnection between the two in the US context. Her claim to fame has been with The Hustlers at Score article, which was widely acclaimed and eventually became a movie. Jessica has written about politics, social justice issues, culture, and feminism to keep insight. She has managed to stay one step ahead of the culture, but it’s time we see the woman behind the pages and learn about her more personally.


Full Name Jessica Pressler
Nickname Jessica
Date of Birth 1997 [1]wikipedia
Age 24 years
Birthplace Marblehead, Massachusetts, US
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Zodiac sign / Sun sign Not Known
Famous For Journalist

Physical  Stats

Jessica Pressler’s height is 5 foot 7 inches, weighing 58 kgs, roughly 127lb. She is exceptionally slim, beautiful with blonde hair flowing in nature. Her measurements are not available in the public domain due to reasons unknown. Pressler has a photogenic face that pops on the screen and is quite illuminating in nature


Considering the life she lives, exposing the underworld of capitalism and chasing dangerous stores. A lot of the information about herself is kept under wraps, and she wants the story to be the main focus. We do know that she married Benjamin Wallace in April 2008.  Her father’s name is Michael Pressler, and her mother’s name is Judith Pressler. The father’s profession is as an English professor, and the mother is a guidance counselor in a school. From her articles and views, she is a reasonably simple woman who is incredibly warm and kind to everyone around her. The academic aspect of her family has influenced the trajectory of her career

Personal Life

School Local High School
College Not Known
Educational Qualifications Graduate
Years Active NA



Relationship & more


Favorite Things


Money Factor

Jessica Pressler’s net worth as of 2022 is challenging to guess, considering the backdoor deals are kept confidential. However, given the million-dollar shows and movies, she has been the source of, a rough estimate of $5 million would not be far-fetched.


Pressler started as a staff writer for the Philadelphia magazine and worked as a freelancer for gossip magazines around celebrity culture. After gaining several years of experience and credibility in the industry, she was made a co-editor at the Daily intel blog for the New Yorker in 2007.

When 2008 the financial crisis happened, she covered the financial markets extensively. Her immense contribution proved to be her hard-hitting interviews with Goldman Sachs and AIG CEO on recession economic policies.

She continued to gain notoriety for her excellent work covering a range of topics from start-ups, technology trends, and business practices. Her big claim to fame happened in 2014 when she covered the story of Stuyvesant High School, where a senior committed 72 million dollars worth of fraud. Unfortunately, the person who reported this incident was lying to her, which damaged her reputation for a while.

Her following big claim to fame happened with The Hustlers at Scores article, which features a couple of strippers ripping off their clients. It ultimately became a viral sensation attracting Hollywood producers WIll Ferrell to produce the movie in 2019. The film was a financial success and featured her being played by Julia stills.

Pressler once again attracted Hollywood to her doorsteps with her story about Anna Sorkin, which became a viral sensation. Netflix and Shonda Rhimes immediately grabbed the rights of the article, and their docuseries Inventing Anna Sorkin is now a mega-hit.

From being a freelance writer to being the source of mega streaming hits, Anna Pressler’s journey has been one of great amazement and unprecedented. [2]IMDB

Some unknown facts about

  • Jessica Pressler lost a job opportunity with Bloomberg because a high schooler who was a key witness later admitted to lying to everyone.
  • Given her net worth, she comes under some of the richest writer journalists.
  • Pressler is known for her solid investigative work and is a huge TV nerd fan of Gossip Girl, recapping it for Vulture every week.
  • Jessica even did a cameo scene in her favorite tv show as an extra, which made her extremely glad.
  • Her husband Benjamin himself is also a freelance writer and keeps the tradition of academic individuals in the family.
  • Currently, her residence is in Queens, New York. She lives a relatively private life, rarely seen in the public arena.
  • The movie Hustler proved to be a turning point for Jennifer Lopez’s film career, making Pressler bring a cult pop icon back to the mainstream.


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