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Elita Karim Bio Height Husband Wiki & Family

About Elita Karim Elita Karim is a Bangladeshi popular pop singer. She is one of the heart-touching female singers in the country. Her full name Dilshan Karim Elita but she is best known as Elita around the country. Elita Karim comes to close of listeners within a very short time in Bangladesh. Bio/Wiki Full name: Dilshad Karim

Hasan Masood Bio Height Wife Wiki & Family

About Hasan Masood Hasan Masood is a multi-talented celebrity in the country who has been a skill in the various sectors like in acting, singing, Journalism and in the military sector. He was a military officer and journalist prior to entering into media arena. By the analysis of Hasan Masood’s life sketch, we understand physical beauty

Monica de La Villardiere Wiki Biography, Age, Height, Husband & more

About Monica de La Villardiere Monica Ainley de La Villardière commonly known as Monica de La Villardiere is a fashion model and stylist. She was raised in Canada. Due to her school, she moved to Paris. Monica Ainley is also a fashion journalist currently writing for a myriad of publications, including and T Magazine.

Lynda Lopez Profile, Height, Age, Family, Husband, Biography & More

About Lynda Lopez Lynda Lopez was born June 14, 1971 is an American journalist and the younger sister of singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. Lopez was born and raised in the South Bronx, New York, to Puerto Rican parents Guadalupe Rodríguez, kindergarten teacher, and David Lopez, computer scientist. She has two siblings, Jennifer and Leslie.
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